18+ Best Life Images With Quotes For Instagram

Life is what we make it. Our life can be happy and joyful and can be sad too. It all depends on us how we react to the difficult situations in our life. Your life can be sweet, bitter, full of happiness, full of nervousness and so on. Every time we see the new shades of life.

Life is on the best stage when you are a kid. No tension of family and no tension of job. During our childhood, we enjoy a lot. One can say the childhood days are the best days of our life. 

Here we have collected some Best Life Images With Quotes For InstagramThese are the best images about lifeYou can upload every day a new image based on your life status for the day.

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Best Images on Life With Quotes

Best Life Photos On Instagram

Life At Best on The Beach Images Instagram

Life Image For Instagram

Life Is Best pictures With Quotes

What Does FOMO Mean - FOMO Stands For?

FOMO is a slang which is used by people when they are in a situation of loosing out. 

FOMO Stands for  "Fear Of Missing Out" used by college teens when they chat with their friends during exams. They used this term to indicate that they are in fear they might lose in the exams.

FOMO Stands for Fear Of Missing Out

Apart from students, this term is also used by many people in their day to day life when they travel, when they cook or doing some other activity.

Example - 

Student 1 - So r u ready for tomorrow's exam?
Student 2 - Yes, But I Am in FOMO few answers.

What does TYSM Mean- TYSM Stands For?

TYSM is a popular internet slang stands for "Thank You So Much". We use this slang while we want to thank someone from the bottom of our heart.

Many people use Thanks instead of TYSM but the meaning is same.

TYSM Stands For "Thank You So Much"
Example - 

Girl 1 - Hey, Wishing You A Very Very Happy Birthday.
Girl 2 - TYSM, You Have To Come for The Party Tonight.

In the above example, Girl 2 is saying thank you so much to the girl 1 by using slang TYSM.

81+ Cool Good Night Images With Quotes For Instagram

Cool Good Night Images With Quotes For Instagram is the most searched phrase on the Internet nowadays.

We all wish a good night to our friends and family before going to the bed. We post best good night pictures in our Instagram, Whatsapp and Facebook groups and wish the people in the groups. 

We create attractive images with flowers and candles. Sometimes, we download from the internet to save our time. But, while downloading from the internet we make sure that we get the latest pictures with beautiful quotes. 

We neglect old images as they were downloaded by many and already posted by others in various groups.We search best good night photos for friends as they are very special in our lives and send them separately on Whatsapp. 

Here, we have a good collection of good night images with popular quotes. You can share as many as you want with your friends, family, colleagues or you can post them on your Instagram wall every night. All the below images are for free to download. 

So don't wait and send as many as possible.

Amazing Sunset Picture With Quotes

Good Night Image For Alone Person

Good Night Images WIth Quotes For Instagram

Good Night Photos With Beach And Couple

Good Night Photos With Sunset And Chair

Good Night Photos With Water

Good Night Pictures For Instagram

Good Night Pictures With Trees

Popular Good Night Quotes with Lamp Image

Simple Good Night Pictures

What Does RIP Mean - RIP Stands For?

R.I.P. mainly used by the people to show their condolence towards the recently died people. 

What Does RIP Mean  ?

R.I.P. is an internet slang stands for "Rest In Peace". We use this slang to show our sympathy to the family members of recently died person. It actually means that the person died may his soul rest in peace.

RIP Stands For Rest In Peace
Example - 

Richa - I can't come to office today.
Boss- What happened?
Richa - My granny died yesterday late night.
Boss - Ohh, I am Sorry. May his soul RIP.