BTF Attracts Sexy Girls and Boys- Be BTF to Promote Your Erotic Love

“ Cheer up! “  You must be a dashing dude to entice a group of sexy babes to fuck you. You are maverick, strong, resilient and   hot. BTF is nothing but a powerful erotic term to address someone  special who easily attracts a boy or a girl for making  love or body sharing. Obviously, BTF is a lucrative gesture for you to express the hot love for you sweetheart.what does BTF means.

What Do You Mean by BTF?

BTF means “built the fuck”. Yea, it is packed with spicy fucking component  to force a lady or a boy to be involved in erotic  venture. Certainly, good looking  ladies  must be  btf.  Many unforgettable erotic   snapshots can be taken for fun.  BTF is  a spicy  term  and  young generation can part with btf  at the time of  dating.

BTF – Used to Address a Sexy Girl or Boy

Btf   can be a sexy  young college girl who is blooming. Her ultra-sleek hour glass buttock  is very nice to look.   In colloquial term,   she is btf and she has the  charming look to  melt down  a strong  dude.   She is not reserved . She  is  very   much  eager to  meet a dude who  is handsome.  Say  to her “ How are you,  my  hot  sweetheart?  Are you crazy to buil the fuck? Well,  I  will do unforgettable love making  to make you completely satisfied.  She replies “  Oh!  Surprising gift for me! Well done. You are brave  and  you are  btf to me as well”

BTF –Funny for Young Heart

Make  your  weekend  much pleasurable  by hitting  the  popular dating site. Over there, there are Lucy, Rosy,  Nancy and so on to give you some tips  how to get  credits from young hearts.  They  always  use short cut ways to  attract dudes. In return,  backfire  such terms like   BTF to impress them. Sexy  ladies   send messages   for  start dating with you .

Not Bad to Apply BTF

It is not so bad to  apply btf  or any  erotic slang term in  personal conversation. This informal  code language   is  acceptable . However,  others must be  eager to  listen to such  erotic  voice. Therefore , before   writing BTF  kindly  get permission from strangers.  Maybe she is conservative  or  shy to share love.  

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Lessen the seriousness ,  often btf is used  to  energize  young girls to  share views.  In online dating portals ,  million heart throbbing   cute  sweethearts  cross check dashboards to see whether  anyone  has left such erotic slang term for them. They go through   these  erotic terms for personal charm.  The world is  marvelous to live in and  you must be a part to   return love magnificently.

CTFO - A Way of Greeting Someone or Making a Person Cool

Are you a mediocre student in science or literature?  Are you terrific nervy to face your parents when you score extremely worse in the examWell, learn how to cool down your parents. CTFO is “chill the fuck out” and it is the perfect term to use whenever you are required to suppress the anger of your mum or dad.


Full Form of CTFO -

CTFO or “chill the fuck out” is not obsolete but it is a friendly term to trillion persons in the world.   Significantly, people are becoming familiar with the caboodle of common terms which are not acceptable to courteous persons. In the official language, slang terms like CTFU are not given priority.

Know Where to Use CTFO

When you are in chaos, you must have control over the emotion. Same way, you should have tactics techniques to deal with seniors.  CTFO or chill the fuck out must be significant to a person to let someone regulate hot temper.  

Mug up Comments on CTFO

Few short comments on CTFO are useful to youngsters. In a dialogue, one starts writing “well I am not in the comfortable condition because of thinking of the consequence when my dad will check my results.  CTFO my dad,   I will have to find the way to the solution in the long run.”

Congratulate Someone by Saying CTFO 

Often, a person breaks the ice by opening the conversational speech “ CTFO, have a nice day to come. God is always precious to us. Let’s celebrate this special event.”   Another instance is “   Lucy, CTFO, see you must have your own self-control power to become cool.  You should not be naughty. I will help you to overtake the cumbersome situation.”

Be Proactive to Use CTFO 

You should create more dialogues using CTFO. You have to be a good craftsman to apply this type of jargon or informal term to extend the conversational speech. In this connection, be studious and see how to get faster backup from your superiors to create more sentences inserting  CTFO. 

CTFO - Buzzword Online for You

In online chatting forum, you must track many daters and visitors to reply using CTFO term in their messages.  Acronym CTFO is described in different ways. Few slang glossaries split the CTFO as “come the f****** on”.   Meaning is same as well.  

Short descriptive messages and analytical notes on CTFO  will make you more familiar with the actual meaning of this sort of informal abbreviated term.  Online free guidance is available to encourage someone to learn more slang terms.  Online liver chatting messages shown on dashboard help newcomers to know about the applicability of CTFO and other laymen’s terms.

BTFOL- Perfect Vehicle for You to Revive the Satirical Tone

The application of slang terms in conversational speeches or dialogues is often appreciable.Informal conversations can become spicier and more flavorful if someone is traced using the barrage of decent colloquial terms for attracting the audience. BTFOL is such a popular acronym to near and dear ones.

Define BTFOL 

In brief, BTFOL stands for burst the fuck out laughing. Well, cross checks the full form and you will understand that syntactically, it is not perfect. “ Laugh” is a derivative of  original “laughing.” However, still in the colloquial conversation or layman’s speech “laughing is” permissible to use. So, it doesn’t matter whether it is grammatically correct or not, but young dudes and college goers are habituated to use BTFOL in their speeches.

BTFOL Has Much More Comical Flavor

BTFOL has the strong comical fragrance. This particular slang term is  a  vehicle to a  guy to bring a satirical tone  to ridicule  someone for idiosyncrasy or misdeed. Naturally, the speaker should have the good sense of humor.  He starts in this way,  “ Really I am excited to find Tom  hovering  for relief. He is sand watched by a number of cute college girls.  I must BTFOL because of his pitiable condition. He must try to force his way out of the deadlock.”

More Examples on BTFOL

BTFOL or “burst the fuck out laughing” is a mysterious term for a young heart who wants something different or spicy when she dates.  She is hot and impressive. However, she is not fitted to the situation. Well, track her in such cumbersome circumstances. “ My God ! You are dating when we are suffering from the breathless heat.  You are really odd to me.  I BTFOL when you express love in such awkward ambiance.”

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Be Comfy to Express Your Feeling through BTFOL

In this connection, good slang glossary will help you to locate numerous slang terms with definitions. Well, you should have your own ability to use these laymen’s terms in different conversations.  How to be comfy with these common slang words?  Frankly speaking, ask your friends to help you in this regard.

Read gleefully comments on various free social media portals, forums, and web pages.  You will be extremely overwhelmed to find qualitative comments with free feedbacks on BTFOL. Many novice online visitors are not confident of using BTFOL or any other slang term because of social obligation.  They must be amicable to talk to friends, seniors, and experts who have new ideas to remove the cloud of misconception.

BTFU – Stands for Boiler The Fuck Up – Use It to Have a Challenge

BTFU – Stands for Boiler The Fuck Up

The arrival of internet makes young hearts so crazy that they are obviously excited to stay online for dating, chatting, and message sharing with others. The online slang terms are often popped up to entice youngsters to use these local terms at the time of chatting with online visitors. BTFU is one of such popular hackneyed slang terms used by internet savvies to date online. 

Find More Slangs in Dictionary  to Have Fun

In the urban dictionary, you will get a lot of such slang words. Even in Oxford or Cambridge dictionaries,   many obsolete and common slang terms are listed. The originality of this old slang term lies in old, middle and post war period.

Well,  the  BTFU  acronym  stands for  the boiler the fuck up. BTFU is used by a guy when he is very much determined to finish the task by hook or by crook.  For instance, in a mini bar, a drunkard is seen   consuming powerful red wine in murmuring. He is tossing in fun and excitement. He ordered a  bar tender to consume more liquor on a single go. So he pronounced BTFU or I will die hard.  I need to finish the last droplet of the goblet without being defeated.   This type of oath taking is very funny.  

When to Say BTFU?

Another episode of funny incident always forces a guy to use BTFU while  chatting with a bevy of sexy sweethearts.   Damn good and cute.  My God! I will be overheated   if I get someone from your group for dating. Let me date with the most beautiful lady of your group.  BTFU!  I am damn sure to make her love me in the long run. This is very challenging task for him to win the race. 

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Use BTFU to Have More Confidence

BTFU  is a common but a spicy slang word. It inspires a young boy to deal with BTFU whenever he meets girls in a hotspot.  Well, usually, the boiler is the term which is meant for an ugly woman. Often  a female witch or a cunning girl with bad intention is called the boiler.  Similarly, fucking is the provocative   term which means something erotic.  Young American boys and girls are habituated to use ‘fucking off,’ ’ loll’, or ‘phie’  etc.   Here,  BTFU is  forceful and  attractive to lure  online computer savvies  to  challenge  rivals  by  uttering  BTFU.  

Final Words: 

BTFU also  puts emphasis on something which must be finished whatever happens to endanger someone.  The fact is that people have to have more stamina and confidence to overtake such critical impasse or crisis. So, to boost up himself, a rustic youth or a city based dweller  likes to  utter BTFU. 

What Does KML Mean for Million Sweethearts?

What Does KML Mean?

Today internet is just like a digital toy to operate for thrill, fun, pleasure and adventure. Well businessmen use the virtual platform to communicate with the world of merchandise. Music lovers and movie viewers prefer internet to download lot of free movies to watch. Online daters are very curious to explore in erotic dating sites to find spices to boost up their mind.Similarly, people who are oldies are also fond of internet surfing for having something raw to bring sea-change to their life styles. Certainly, KML is a slang term which is used by million sweethearts to express their own pleasure in a different way.

Know about KML

What does KML stand for youngsters? To be frank, KML means “ kill myself laughing”. That means, you are so much heated up or excited that you can’t control your emotion. You spin on the floor and start laughing or chuckling.  KML is the beautiful term to attract sweethearts during love making.

Cross Check Examples of KML 

 There are numerous examples to explain the importance of KML or killing myself laughing. How to explain KML?  Suppose you watch a hot movie, just express yourself  in this way. “Oh my god!  I can’t resist myself. This colorful hot movie sets me to laugh loudly because of the thrill and hidden charm.”  So use KML confidently “ Oh my Goodness!  This hot and spicy movie does kml (killing myself laughing) me or that sexy actress KML me on spot.”

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Use KML Term in Digital Media for Spicy Communication 

The usage of slang terms is often not allowed. However decent terms in abbreviated forms are accepted to some agencies or media. Online Facebook or Twitter is a place for making unlimited fun.  Social media platform gives online chatting option. This forum for you must be a hotspot.  So many   people are seen sharing short romantic messages using KML.  

Choose KML to Lure Sweethearts – Find More Similar Terms to Match KML 

Hurry up!  Get ready to have more interesting slang terms like KML. ALOL is a fantastic term which has close resemblance with KML. Full form of ALOL is actually laughing out loud.So watching a movie, any youngster can start laughing wildly.KML has the romantic flavor to make you hot.

Final Words: 
Feel free to share KML term with your friends.  However, you should not punch this term in any formal letter or missive. KML is not an official term which can be frequently inserted in sentences.KML message has its charm.  To know more about its originality and applicability in real life, go through blogs and new posts including online e-books on slang vocabularies.