What Does BBW Mean - BBW Stands For?

BBW is an acronym used to represent many popular words.Every person uses this slang in their own way while chatting to others. 

What Does BBW Mean?

BBW is most commonly used for Big Beautiful Women but it is also used as a short form for words like Beautiful Black Women, Big Black Women, Basketball Wives, Big Boned Women etc. 

BBW Stands For Big Beautiful Woman
Example - 

Boy 1 - Do you know I am going for a date tonight with myrai.
Boy 2 - Ya, I know that BBW. She is pretty. 

Here, BBW stands for Beautiful Black Women.

What Does GF Mean – GF Stands For?

GF is mostly used by people when they introduce their girlfriend to others. 

What Does GF Mean?

GF is very popular slang among youngsters which is a short form of Girlfriend. Many boys introduce girls to their friends as GF. So, it’s clear that GF stands for Girlfriend.  Same way for the boyfriend, girls use BF.

GF stands for Girlfriend

Examples - 

Boy 1 - Hey, how are you?
Boy 2 - Boy 2 - I am good. How are you? I saw you yesterday with one girl.
Boy 1 - Yes. I am good. She is my GF.

What Does ROFL Mean – ROFL Stands For?

ROFL is an acronym used on many social networking apps while chatting with friends. 

What Does ROFL Mean?

ROFL stands for Rolling on Floor Laughing. This indicated that something funny has happened and you can't stop your laughing. 

This slang gives an assumption to the next person that you are laughing very hard by rolling on the floors.

ROFL stands for Rolling on Floor Laughing
Example –

Person 1 – Hey, What are you doing?
Person 2 – I just saw the funny cat fight, I am ROFL.

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What Does WYA MEAN - WYA Stands For?

WAY Stands For "Where At You". This acronym is used to ask someone where are they currently located or at what place they are staying etc.

WAY Stands For Where At You

This is an acronym mostly used by people in the office. They ask their colleagues where are they. Family members and friends also use this slang to ask their close ones what they are doing and where are they now.

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Example - 

Boss to Employee - I am in the office, WAY and when you will come.

Employee to Boss - Sir, I am at office canteen, will be there in 5 Min.

What Does FWD Mean - FWD Stands For?

FWD is an acronym used to show directions and the progress of the work. FWD is usually used in official communications while sending and receiving emails. Apart from this, it is also used to express the desire of things.

What Does FWD Mean?

FWD Stands for "Forward".

FWD Stands for Forward
Example 1 -
Girl - hey, so after 12th whats your plan?
Boy - I am looking fwd to joining engineering course

Example 2 - 
Boss to Employee - When you FWD the mail?
Employee - Sir, In the morning. I FWD that email to you.

Other Meaning of FWD - Front Wheel Drive

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