What does FTW mean?

What does FTW mean?

Today we are technologically leading the world. Hence, everything is intended to save time, improve efficiency and complete task. And in this virtual race, to win we need to be technologically advanced and updated. Acronyms/Abbreviations are one such significant transformation in the World of Internet.

Ever wondered what does FTW means? FTW is extremely popular and most heard on social media sites nowadays. SO now and then you can get FTW text on Instagram, Facebook,Reddit, Twitter, WhatsApp, vibe, hike and many more sites. Being active on social media it becomes mandatory for you to know what does FTW stands for.

Well, FTW stands for two very popular abbreviations in text. FTW means ‘For the Win’ and ‘Fuck the World'. 

For the Win’ only expresses you are excited and enthusiastic about something. When you want to show your love or excitement for something you can say FTW.

FTW Stands For?

For better understanding the meaning of FTW, let’s consider few examples:

Suppose someone gets an invitation text for a party. He/she likes parties then he/she can texts  “ Party FTW! ”. This statement shows that the person loves parties, and he/she is super excited for the party.  Similarly, let’s see another example: Suppose someone is die-heart fan of British T.V. show ‘F.R.I.E.N.D.S.’ then he/she can scream in happiness and text “F.R.I.E.N.D.S. FTW!!”  It means nothing but exhibits excitement level of the person on hearing his beloved T.V. show.One hashtag/acronym similar to FTW is ‘Winning’. Though it exactly does not mean the same still they convey almost similar meaning.

The other meaning of word FTW is ‘Fuck the World’. This is just opposite of ‘For the Win’. It means the person is very frustrated/unhappy. This phrase is abusive and is used to exhibit intense disappointment. 

For better understanding let us again consider examples

Suppose someone gets a text like “I would be late. Stuck in office work”. And he/she does not like the delayed meeting then they are most likely to text back “FTW, come as soon as possible.”

Final words:

This is how we decrease our writing task and save our time by using Internet Slang instead of using whole big phrases. Internet slang is next generation’s widely used language. Just like FTW, there are so many acronyms used on social networking sites in our daily lives. For Example:  ASAP stands for ‘As Soon As Possible’ when you want someone to hurry up.HMU stands for ‘Hit Me Up’ which is used when you want or desire someone’s company. LOL stands for ‘Laughing Out Loud’ which is used when you find something to be hilarious. GTH stands for ‘Go To Hell’ which is used when you are mad at someone. So this is the new revolution of Internet world called Internet slang. The abbreviations mentioned above are extremely common and are used widely across the world. And this is new age internet scenario. I hope you must have understood what I wanted to convey through this article. Thank You.Go on! And join the world.


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