What does HMU Means - HMU Stands For?

A question tickling people every now and then. If you are active on social media websites and apps like Instagram and Whatsapp, then it is obvious that someday you will get a text  ‘HMU’ from someone. 

What Does HMU Mean?

HMU is an internet slang used across the world by people. People use HMU as an acronym when they want to hang out with people or to let them know that they want to be together.

What Does HMU Mean

HMU Stands For?

Sometimes we want a break from our monotonous lives. So it is a way of calling up someone to spend time with or to go out somewhere. It can be used to catch up on things when the person on the other side is leaving for vacations or having some other plans. 

HMU Stands For " Hit Me Up ".

Usages of HMU -

It is usually used to show the desire for someone’s company. Nowadays, people are very busy in their own lives. So, to reduce the tiring task of writing long phrases, acronyms are used.  

HMU Stands For Hit Me Up

What is the meaning of HMU on Facebook?

In this advanced world where Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and  Instagram are an integral part of our lives. People prefer to use short forms of words over the internet to save their time and to convey their messages to others. HMU is one such word which stands for ‘HIT ME UP’.

People find it convenient to text HMU instead of "HIT ME UP" because they have to type less and it is time-saving as well. And at the same time, the message is also delivered to the person on the other side of chat.

HMU Examples -

For an easier understanding of the use of the word let us consider few situations/examples:

Person1: hey! How are you? When are you returning from Pune?
Person2: on Tuesday evening.
Person1: cool! So HMU when you are hereJ.

Guy: hey! you are being missed.
Girl: Okay. So you can HMU anytime.

So the popular acronyms are mostly used and accepted worldwide or within a community of people. As explained through the post it is one such acronym which is an example of internet slang used over personal chats. 

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