What does TBH mean - TBH Stands For?

Ever wondered what does TBH means? Or what does any other similar abbreviation stands for?
Nowadays language is transforming into a whole new era of technology. Yes! You cannot avoid such words in your daily life. Hence, it becomes so crucial to understanding the meaning of internet slang.

What does TBH stand for in texting?

In urban dictionary, TBH stands for ‘To Be Honest’ which indicates; if a person is trying to put emphasis on his/her words or in the case of revealing his/her genuine feelings it is used.
TBH is an internet slang which is used to convey your true feelings for others over texting.
These days such acronyms are extremely popular. Because you can say it to other and texting three letters instead of typing the whole phrase save your precious time.  So the use of acronyms on social media is a smarter choice these days.

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What does TBH mean on Facebook?

On Facebook, TBH is used in statuses, comments or while chatting.
If you are still not very clear with the meaning of TBH; I would like to explain with some good examples.
Example1: Girl: How do I look in the picture I posted?
Guy: TBH, You look adorable!

Here, to emphasise his words the man added TBH in the starting of the sentence. Moreover, the person on the other side of the chat finds it easier to grasp the compliment given.
So now you see, TBH is such a tiny positive phrase. TO BE HONEST; when added in front of any sentence indeed makes a better impact on others.

You may catch on another example for better understanding of the subject.
Example2: person1: Should I initiate conversation with her after such a mess?
Person2: TBH, No. You shouldn’t. 

What does TBH mean on Instagram?

On Instagram, TBH is used in DM, comment or with hashtag in posts
Example: below a post, you can write: #dayout #friends #TBH #fun
TBH is very similar to Indeed. Of course not literally; but yes both of them convey almost similar meanings. Both the words are used to put great emphasis on whatever you are saying.

In the world of shortcuts where we are always smart and on time-saving mode; indeed we use innumerous acronyms in our daily life on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and many more social apps. The definition of TBH is same on each platform regardless of the fact that the expression changes.Just as I mentioned above how TBH is differently used in FB and instagram.

 Like TBH, there are so many abbreviations; I would like to mention few popular ones of them. Example: ASAP stands for As Soon As Possible, HMU means HIT ME UP, WTF stands for What the Fuck, FTW means Fuck The World, LOL means Laughing Out Loud.

So at the end; Thank you for being with us on this post. I hope you are satisfied with the explanation. And now you know what does TBH mean. You may share it with your friends. Keep checking in for more such fab posts.

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