What Does BTFOL Mean - BTFOL Stands For?

BTFOL stands for “Burst the Fuck out Laughing is an acronym to near and dear ones when you express love in awkward ambience

The application of slang terms in conversational speeches or dialogues is often appreciable. Informal conversations can become spicier and more flavorful if someone is traced using the barrage of decent colloquial terms for attracting the audience.

What Does BTFOL Mean?

BTFOL is such a popular acronym to near and dear ones. In brief, BTFOL stands for “Burst the Fuck out Laughing”. Well, cross checks the full form and you will understand that syntactically, it is not perfect. “Laugh” is a derivative of original “laughing.” However, still in the colloquial conversation or layman’s speech “laughing is” permissible to use. So, it doesn’t matter whether it is grammatically correct or not, but young dudes and college goers are habituated to use BTFOL in their speeches.

What Does BTFOL Mean

BTFOL Has Much More Comical Flavour

It has the strong comical fragrance. This particular slang term is a vehicle to a guy to bring a satirical tone to ridicule someone for idiosyncrasy or misdeed. Naturally, the speaker should have the good sense of humour.  He starts in this way, “Really I am excited to find Tom hovering for relief. He is sand watched by a number of cute college girls.  I must BTFOL because of his pitiable condition. He must try to force his way out of the deadlock.”

BTFOL stands for “Burst the Fuck out Laughing”

Examples of BTFOL -

BTFOL or “burst the fuck out laughing” is a mysterious term for a young heart who wants something different or spicy when she dates.  She is hot and impressive. However, she is not fitted to the situation. Well, track her in such cumbersome circumstances. “My God! You are dating when we are suffering from the breathless heat.  You are really odd to me.  I BTFOL when you express love in such awkward ambience.”

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Read gleefully comments on various free social media portals, forums, and web pages.  You will be extremely overwhelmed to find qualitative comments with free feedbacks on BTFOL. Many novice online visitors are not confident of using BTFOL or any other slang term because of social obligation. They must be amicable to talk to friends, seniors, and experts who have new ideas to remove the cloud of misconception.

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