What Does BTF Mean - BTF Stands For?

What Does BTF Mean?

“Cheer up! “ You must be a dashing dude to entice a group of sexy babes to fuck you. You are Maverick, strong, resilient and hot. BTF is nothing but a powerful erotic term to address someone special who easily attracts a boy or a girl for making love or body sharing. 
Obviously, BTF is a lucrative gesture for you to express the hot love for you sweetheart.

What does BTF Mean

What Does BTF Stand For?

BTF stands for “Built the Fuck”. Yea, it is packed with the spicy fucking component to force a lady or a boy to be involved in the erotic venture.

Certainly, good looking ladies must be BTF.  Many unforgettable erotic snapshots can be taken for fun.  BTF is a spicy term and young generation can part with BTF at the time of dating.


BTF can be a sexy young college girl who is blooming. Her ultra-sleek hour glass buttock is very nice to look.   In colloquial term, she is BTF and she has the charming look to melt down a strong dude. She is not reserved. She is very much eager to meet a dude who is handsome.  Say to her “How are you, my hot sweetheart?  Are you crazy built the fuck? Well, I will do unforgettable lovemaking to make you completely satisfied.  She replies “Oh!  Surprising gift for me! Well done. You are brave and you are BTF to me as well”

BTF –Funny for Young Heart

Make your weekend much pleasurable by hitting the popular dating site. Over there, there is Lucy, Rosy; Nancy and more to give you some tips how to get credits from young hearts.  They always use short cut ways to attract dudes. In return, backfire such terms like   BTF to impress them. Sexy ladies send messages for start dating with you.

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It is not so bad to apply BTF or any erotic slang term in personal conversation. This informal code language is acceptable. However, others must be eager to listen to such erotic voice. Therefore, before writing BTF kindly get permission from strangers.  Maybe she is conservative or shy to share the love.


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