What Does CTFO Mean - CTFO Stands For ?

CTFO is nothing but the short form of “chill the fuck out”. It is the perfect term to use whenever you are required to suppress the anger of your mum or dad.

Are you a mediocre student in science or literature?  Are you terrific nervy to face your parents when you score extremely worse in the exam?  Well, learn how to cool down your parents. CTFO is nothing but the short form of “Chill The Fuck Out”. It is the perfect term to use whenever you are required to suppress the anger of your mum or dad.

What Does CTFO Mean

What Does CTFO Mean?

CTFO or “chill the fuck out” is not obsolete but it is a friendly term to trillion persons in the world.  Significantly, people are becoming familiar with the caboodle of common terms which are not acceptable to courteous persons. In the official language, slang terms like CTFU are not given priority.

Where to Use CTFO?

When you are in chaos, you must have control over the emotion. Same way, you should have tactics techniques to deal with seniors. CTFO must be significant to a person to let someone regulate hot temper. 

CTFO stand For Chill The Fuck Out

Examples of CTFO -

In a dialogue, one starts writing “well I am not in the comfortable condition because of thinking of the consequence when my dad will check my results.  CTFO my dad, I will have to find the way to the solution in the long run.”

Often, a person breaks the ice by opening the conversational speech “CTFO, have a nice day. God is always precious to us. Let’s celebrate this special event.” 

Another instance is “Lucy, CTFO, see you must have your own self-control power to become cool.  You should not be naughty. I will help you to overtake the cumbersome situation.”

Be Proactive to Use CTFO

You should create more dialogues using CTFO. You have to be a good craftsman to apply this type of jargon or informal term to extend the conversational speech. In this connection, be studious and see how to get faster backup from your superiors to create more sentences inserting CTFO.

CTFO - Buzzword Online For You

In online chatting forum, you must track many daters and visitors to reply using CTFO term in their messages.  Acronym CTFO is described in different ways. Few slang glossaries split the CTFO as “come the f****** on”. Meaning is same as well.  

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