What Does BAE Mean - BAE Stands For?

BAE Or BABE Stands for "before anything else" or " before anyone else".

Nowadays, many people tag their girlfriend and boyfriend on Facebook with the #Bae or #Babe and put a love or heart symbols. 

This clearly shows that the word is something related to their relationship or love. 

What Does BAE Mean

What Does BAE Mean? 

BAE Or BABE  Stands for "before anything else" or " before anyone else".
This means that you are referring this word for the person who is very close to you and whom you love you more than anybody else in the life.

BAE Stands For Before Anything Else

Examples of BAE -

Girlfriend - I want to go out today with you, get some time for me.
Boyfriend - Ya sure, why not. You are BAE in my life. I love u.

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