What Does BTFU Mean - BTFU Stands For ?

The arrival of the internet makes young hearts so crazy that they are all the time excited to stay online for dating, chatting, and message sharing with others.The online slang terms are often popped up to entice youngsters to use these local terms at the time of chatting with online visitors. "BTFU" is one of such popular hackneyed slang terms used by the internet savvies to date online. 

What Does BTFU Mean

What Does BTFU Mean?

Well, BTFU stands for " Boiler The Fuck Up". BTFU is used by a guy when he is very much determined to finish the task by hook or by crook. For instance, in a mini bar, a drunkard is seen consuming powerful red wine in murmuring. He is tossing in fun and excitement. He ordered a bartender to consume more liquor on a single go. So he pronounced BTFU or I will die hard. I need to finish the last droplet of the goblet without being defeated. This type of oath taking is very funny.   

BTFU stands for Boiler The Fuck Up

When to Say BTFU? 

Examples For BTFU - 

Another episode of funny incident always forces a guy to use BTFU while chatting with a bevvy of sexy sweethearts. Damn good and cute. My God! I will be overheated if I get someone from your group for dating. Let me date with the most beautiful lady of your group. BTFU! I am damn sure to make her love me in the long run. This is the very challenging task for him to win the race. 

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Use BTFU to Have More Confidence 

BTFU  is a common but a spicy slang word. It inspires a young boy to deal with BTFU whenever he meets girls in a hotspot. Well, usually, the boiler is the term which is meant for an ugly woman. Often a female witch or a cunning girl with bad intention is called the boiler. Similarly, fucking is the provocative term which means something erotic. Young American boys and girls are habituated to use ‘fucking off,’ ’ loll’, or ‘phie’  etc.   Here,  BTFU is forceful and attractive to lure online computer savvies to challenge rivals by uttering BTFU.  

BTFU also puts emphasis on something which must be finished whatever happens to endanger someone. The fact is that people have to have more stamina and confidence to overtake such critical impasse or crisis. So, to boost up himself, a rustic youth or a city based dweller likes to utter BTFU. 

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