What Does CTFU Mean - CTFU Stands For ?

CTFU stands for 'Crack(ing) the Fuck Up' and 'Cheer the Fuck Up' is an internet slang which is widely used on social media websites for chatting and much more.

Welcome to another exciting and intellectual post. And this post is intended to improve your slag quotient. Have you ever wondered what could be the meaning of CTFU in urban dictionary? Or you heard someone saying or text you CTFU?

Well if you don't know the meaning of this popular internet slang, then don't worry at all. This article is going to help you guys with acronyms and abbreviations. 

What Does CTFU Mean

What Does CTFU Mean? 

Yes! it is an internet slang which is widely used on social media websites and apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp mainly to chatting and much more.

CTFU stands for 'Crack(ing) the Fuck Up' and 'Cheer the Fuck Up'.

It is used online only. If a person finds something utterly funny and hilarious that he/she can hardly breathe while laughing so hard then they use this slang.
If you still don't completely understand the definition of CTFU slang then hang on!
Let me elaborate with the examples that unveil the meaning of it in simplest possible way.

CTFU Stands For Cheer The Fuck Up

Definition of CTFU in text Form -

Example1 :

Guy1 - How many marks you got for attendance?
Guy2 - Minus 10. CTFU!

Here, two people are having the conversation. The first guy asks another about his attendance marks at college. The second guy finds the question to be stupid and ridiculous therefore he could not stop laughing so hard. CTFU is here used to refer to the subject as damn funny and crazy.


Selena responding to the controversy about her on social media- when did I do this? People are so talented. CTFU!

On Facebook, CTFU is used in chatting, statuses, posts shared and comments. Here also the meaning of CTFU remains the same i.e. when your stomach pains because you are laughing so hard and you hardly can breathe.

Let's throw a little attention to them as well.
1) CTFU: Curb the fuck up
2) CTFU: Cowboy the fuck up
These phrases are not used as frequently as 'cracking the fuck up' / 'cheer the fuck up'.

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