What Does DM Mean - DM Stands For?

DM comes in trend with Twitter. Twitter allows us to send direct messages to the people whom we follow. It's a cool option as in this, you can chat privately with the people you want. But, now many apps like Facebook, Whatsapp and all also have this function.

What Does DM Mean

What Does DM Mean? 

DM is nothing but the short form of Direct Message or you can say DM stand for Direct Message. Instead of using DM, many people use word PM. PM stands for private message. Both the slangs have the same meaning and can be used by anyone anytime.

DM Stands For Direct Message

Examples of DM -

Girl 1  - Hey, Meena is invited to your party. I have not seen any invitation in the group.
Girl 2 - It's not in the group.I have sent everyone DM.

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