What Does Goat Mean - Goat Stands For?

One day I got a message from my friend saying “You Know Mara is GOAT in the Cricket.” You should see him play.

After reading this message I was so confused that I called her and asked how the goat can play in the cricket. She laughed and said – “You don’t even know what the meaning of Goat is.”
I told her, obviously, I know Goat is an animal. Again she started laughing and after she finished her laugh, she said GOAT stands for “Greatest of All Times” in the internet chat.

What Does GOAT Mean?

Goat is a popular internet slang which mostly used in the sports, movies and politics. It is used to describe the ability of the person or you can say to showcase how big the person is in terms of his/her achievements and popularity.

Examples of GOAT –

Person 1 – I am a big fan of cricket, especially I love watching cricket on stadiums.
Person 2 – Me too, Infect I feel many players are GOAT.

In the above example, Person 2 use GOAT to explain that many players from different teams are Greatest of All Times in their country and play really well.

GOAT Stand For Greatest Of All Times

This way you can also use this slang in your daily communication to express that your friend or classmates are Goat in any subject.

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