What Does ICYMI Mean - ICYMI Stands For?

Last weekend I missed my friend's wedding. Due to some other commitments, I didn't get the time to visit her place and wish her. But, with the help of Whatsapp, I messaged her all the best in the chat. After few days, I came to know from few friends that the wedding was awesome especially the decoration. I asked my friend to show me the video of her wedding on the chat. She replied - ICYMI, check on my FB Wall.

Ohh.ok. I understood that she is saying to check her Facebook for the video. But I got confused with ICYMI.

What Does ICYMI Mean

I started thinking What Does ICYMI Mean?

Again She replied - "In Case You Missed It".

So basically ICYMI Stands For "In Case You Missed It".

What Does ICYMI Mean?

ICYMI Stands For In Case You Missed It

ICYMI is a popular internet slang used by young people to shorten the word In Case you Missed it. That means if you are a part of any group and you missed any information or any event so the other person can use this slang to tell you if you have missed any info you can check anywhere else.


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