What Does SMH Mean - SMH Stands For?

Sometimes when younger or elder to us does things which are not acceptable and we can't do anything about that. It really makes us heads go rounds. The sad thing is we know that we can't do anything about the same, so we just shake our heads.

What Does SMH Mean

What Does SMH Mean?

SMH stands for "Shaking My Head". SMH is an Internet Slang which is basically used when you are feeling angry at someone or you are in bad situations such as you missed your bus or one of your friends posted a bad image of your on social networking websites such as Instagram, Twitter etc.

SMH stands for Shaking My Head

Apart from Shaking My Head, You can use SMH to Stupid Mad Humans, So Many Hours Etc. It depends on which situation you are and what you want to communicate to others.

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Example -

Son - Hey Mom, See What I Cooked Today For You.
Mum - You Made My Kitchen A Mess, SMH.

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