What Does TY Mean - TY Stands For?

TY is a popular Internet slang Stands For 'Thank You". When we want to thanks someone we used TY in Online Chat.

While chatting with my friends on Facebook, I often get a message as TY from them. Usually, they send TY when I have done something for them. We always thank people if they do something good for us.  

What Does TY Mean?

TY Stands For 'Thank You". We use TY to thanks, somebody on the Internet. It is a short abbreviation and most of the young people use this to save the time of writing.

TY Stands For Thank You

Example -

Boy - Hey, will you come for a movie with us.
Girl - Sorry, I don't have money,
Boy - It's Ok. I will buy a ticket for you.
Girl - TY, I will come.

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