What Does WYD Mean - WYD Stands For?

People ask too many questions every time. If I am away from the home and don't call back to my family. They get nervous and keep calling me. Everyone asks questions like where are you and what are you doing?

What Does WYD Mean

What Does WYD Mean? 

WYD stands for "What You Doing" is an acronym or slang used by many people in their daily communication online on the apps like Facebook, Whatsapp, And Instagram. It is used to shorten the word and save the time.

WYD Stands For What You Doing

WYD is very popular among the college girls and boys as they keep asking their friends on chat where are you and what are you doing now or next weekend etc.

Examples Of WYD - 

Girl 1 - Hey, Can you come for the party Saturday

Girl 2 - No, I can't

Girl 1 - Why?? WYD??

Girl 2 - I am going out with my family

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