What Does TFTI Mean - TFTI Stands For?

TFTI is a popular internet slang stands for Thanks For The Information.

We always say thank you when someone helps us in difficult situations But we also say thanks to people when they provide us useful information. TFTI is an extended version of thank you only.

Basically, TFTI Stands For "Thanks For The Info" or you can say "Thank You For The Information". Both are correct and can be used in whatever way you want.

TFTI Stands For Thanks For The Info
Example - 

Girl 1 - Hey, what time the train will come?
Girl 2 - I guess the trains are late by 15 to 20 mins.
Girl 1 - Ohh really, I didn't know this. TFTI, will check other route.
Girl 2 - It's Ok.

Here, on the above example Girl 1 is Using TFTI to say Thank you To Girl 1.
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